We will reach new people in new places by igniting a church planting movement.

We will reach new people by pioneering a group-based mentorship program for refugee families.


We will engage with our youth and families in short-term missions fueled by a new scholarship fund.

We will engage our community using our campus as a missional hub in the city.


We will amplify all kingdom work at Woodmont Hills that is bearing fruit by eliminating all debt.
As you consider your part in this movement, ask yourself:

1.  What will it look like to engage neighbors the way God engages me?

2.  What priorities are revealed in the way I spend my time, energy and money?

3.  Could this initiative be the catalyst for transformation? What kind of involvement (time, energy and money) would lead to meaningful change in me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

God engages us and God invites us to engage with people in the same way.

Church plants do not represent church-splits, but a strategic effort to reach new people in new places with the Good News of Jesus.

Church planting is one of the most strategic ways to grow the body of Christ. New churches attract three to six times more non-Christians than older churches of the same size.

Yes! If you would like more information about giving a non-cash item, please contact our Finance Office at (615) 297-8551 or loveengaged@woodmont.org.

We will amplify existing ministries, prioritize church planting and look for new ways to participate in what God is doing.

The shepherds and ministers are 100% behind Love Engaged.

What a great question! We all have Great Commission hearts, so we want to hear your ideas! At this time, we have only identified our first church planting project.

There are so many ways to participate in Love Engaged:
  • Volunteer in refugee mentorship.
  • Pray for church planting projects, missions, outreach to our city and our children and students.
  • Participate in a short-term mission project and bring someone else along with you.
  • Look for where God is moving and join Him.

Ask your Life Group to consider mentoring a refugee family.

Pray for our missionaries. Give sacrificially. Consider participating in a short-term mission trip.

No. Love Engaged giving is to be on top of regular giving to Woodmont Hills Church.

Yes! There will be regular updates on the Love Engaged website as well as periodic updates in worship and through our email newsletter. We aim to strike a balance between keeping everyone informed without being annoying.

The Executive Committee exists to make financial and administrative recommendations to the shepherds. The Executive Committee is comprised of four shepherds, two ministers, four congregants and the Church Treasurer. Additionally, the Financial Management Team (FMT) serves with the Executive Committee in key financial areas such as budget and audit review.

For years, Woodmont Hills has balanced an annual budget and has operated without a deficit. An annual independent audit is conducted to examine financial records, accounts, business transactions, accounting practices and internal controls. The church maintains a current emergency fund, capital repairs and acquisitions fund, and a healthy operations account balance. We welcome any inquiries or questions regarding our current financial position and practice. Contact our Executive Minister, John Sullivan, at jsullivan@woodmont.org.


Woodmont Hills has a rich heritage of being a place where people encounter the grace of God. A little over a year ago, our family moved to Nashville to be part of what God is doing in this place.

Give Now

Generosity is a lifestyle. Our goal is not to raise money for a project but to raise up people to participate in the generosity of God. Giving can be a one-time financial transaction, but it is also a lifestyle. We want to grow a culture of generosity that will extend well beyond the Love Engaged initiative. This season will be characterized by a joyful and celebratory participation in what God is doing. We are calling on everyone to participate! 100% of our shepherds and ministers have committed to give in a significant way.

We ask you to give in addition to, not instead of, your regular tithes and offerings. We believe sacrificial giving is one way that God grows our faith and allows us to participate in what He is doing in the world.