Woodmont Hills has a rich heritage of being a place where people encounter the grace of God. A little over a year ago, our family moved to Nashville to be part of what God is doing in this place. I firmly believe that the most defining days of Woodmont Hills are in front of us. Love Engaged is the result of much prayer, listening and the conviction that the Spirit is leading us to engage people the same way God engages us. The Love Engaged movement launches a strategic plan to do just that. God engaged us while we were still a long way off. Love engaged when the Father ran down the road to welcome the prodigal with a ring and a robe. Love engaged again when the same Father went outside to plead with his self-righteous son to participate in what he was doing. We believe love still reaches people. The love of God transforms us and invites us to participate in what God is doing. I invite you into the heart of a missional movement to engage people the same way God engages us.


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