What a remarkable display of joyful generosity! Last week, we received the first giving toward Love Engaged, and today we celebrate the $632,000 in gifts that were given.

Praise God!

How remarkable! Thank you for your participation!

We continue to receive giving intents for the 2-year funding period of Love Engaged. I am also very encouraged to report that $1.9 million has been intended by you. That means we are well on our way to reaching the $3.1 million goal. For those that have already turned a giving card in, I want to thank you for the planned generosity. For those that still want to turn in a giving intent, we can receive those in the church office. We are still aiming for 100% participation in Love Engaged.

As always, I am so thankful to partner with all of you in this family.

My love and respect,


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